Playing professional hockey is adult play. The crisp shots and cheering from the crowd comes to those who expect the game over the years, with practice, skill, and hard practicing. As it is said, hockey is all about art and not power, so you need to be good at your skills and steady with your hand wrists and the stick. Though without skills, it involves some technicality as good and a lot of it depends on the model of gear you select. Out of all, the field hockey stick plays an essential role as it is the main gear with which you play the game. Thus, to multiplier your game, it is very necessary that you chose the right twig to play with. Here is a description of the type of hockey sticks preferred to you.


The left-handed and the right-handed both players use the same type of stick to control it. It has a grip and a shaft, at the last of which is a flat area and a curved hook that faces the correct. Players grip it using their right hand positioned at the base of the grip and the left one closer the apex of the stick and the flat area of the hockey stick are meant to hit the ball with.

Weight of stick:

The foremost view while selecting a stick should be its weight. It should be little enough for you to hold, and weighty enough to give the desired energy to your shots. Most professional’s option for a medium-weight stick, however it all depends on the location you are playing at. Forward position is complemented by a light stick as it can be moved smoothly and easily, whereas a defender would perfect a heavy hockey stick to stop the potential shots and confirm hard hits. Midfielders use the medium weight as it gives the advantage of both, maneuverability and intensity. If you are a beginner then you must go for this, until you select what your forte in the sport is.

Length of stick:

The length of the hockey stick is nearly similar to your skill and height. If you are a professional player, the stick rather be longer to support a perfect reaches around you. But for beginners it is better to take a stick that reaches exactly over your waist. After, you can use a longer hockey stick

Style of Toe:

It is the area with which you hit the ball that’s called toe. It is common in 4 types- hook, maxi, midi, shorti. The hook has the most curved hole and is used by highly experienced players and defenders as it steps a large area area for hitting or taking the ball. It works best on a grass surface. Maxi is slightly less cranked than the former, it is used for above-named purposes but it acts best on a turf. Midi is moderately curved, it is useful for mid hockey fielders as it can smoothly swivel around the ball and can stop moderate shots as better. Shorti is a lightly curved hockey stick which is model for dribbling. It is used by the invasion line players.

You need to keep in mind several points before selecting a suitable hockey stick. It must be flexible and have the right blade as well as the curve. Select from a difference of high quality sticks for long-term use.