At first thanks for all to read my article. Today I discuss how can earn more BTC from

Open account:

First craete a account from here A email address and a bitcoin address need to create account. Fillup all informaton to according to image. Then click sign up button. Next check your email inbox and confirm your account.

1After same as image required email or bitcoin address for log in.

2Method of earn:

  1. Fill up captcha: Showing image click right corner and get some menu. Then click FREE BTC button.


Next click recaptcha follow picture-

4Then select Solve Media and I think it needs less MB. 5Then type captcha and click ROLL button. 6Now check your ROLL and match column. If you don’t understand, please see the bellow picture-

72.To buy lottery ticket: If you click once ROLL button, you get 2 or more lottery ticket. You may buy lottery ticket. You may earn more BTC from lottery.


 3. Referral: You also earn 80 % passive income from referral. You may get lottery ticket and reward point from referral.

94.Reward point: You can buy lottery ticket, reward points, BTC bonus  etc by reward point. I think you may buy BTC bonus and it increase your earn.



11Method of pament:

When will reached your amount 0.0003300 BTC, then automaticaly withdraw it every sunday throw your BTC address and it is completly free. I work this site, earn btc and get pament timly. For auto withdraw you may enable auto withdraw.12























For more information you may contact with me or comment. I will try my best for you. Thanks.